OREEP Information


OREEP Instructional Information

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Planning and Design
US&R Exercise Planning Task List
US&R Exercise Delivery Checklist
Initial & Final Planning Conferences
US&R IPC Brief
US&R PowerPoint FPC
Exercise Delivery - A
CE Hanbook
MSEL Package USR
Exercise Evaluation Guide
Exercise Brief
US&R Exercise Checklist
Player Handout
Cover Evaluation Guide
Exercise Delivery - B
CE Cover Condensed Evaluation Guide
CE Manual Revision - Section 1, Scenario
CE Manual Revision - Section 2, Objectives
CE Manual Revision - Section 3, Schedule of Events
CE Manual Revision - Section 4, MESL
CE Manual Revision - Section 5, Exercise Inject Forms
CE Manual Revision - Section 6, Exercise Brief
CE Manual Revision - Section 7, Communications
CE Manual Revision - Section 8, Exercise Evaluation Guide
CE Manual Revision - TOC
US&R Exercise Checklist
CE Manual Revision - Spine
After Action / Improvement Planning
AAC Brief
IP Matrix
US&R Central Division

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